How to Triple Your Email List in the Next 60 Days Without Breaking Your Back!

We know what a pain it can be to try and grow your email list and actually get people to subscribe, especially when you are just starting out. We run several authority websites and combined, our lists have over 11,300 highly engaged subscribers. You don’t need 100,000 emails to make a great living online. We share what we do every day to build a highly engaged email list full of people ready to buy everything you create.

Growing your email list is easier when you follow a framework? But what is that framework?

If you’ve been blogging or running an online business, then you know it can sometimes be frustrating trying to grow your email list.

Despite doing everything you think is right, it just seems to be creeping slowly…and yet other bloggers seem to grow their lists by the thousands with what seems like little effort.

Here are a couple of reasons why growing your email list should be your main focus:

1. We believe in the basic formula: the more engaged subscribers you have, the more sales you make. Sure it’s basic, we are not math gurus, but trust us, it works. (Using the right list-building strategies, you could grow your blog into a profitable one!)

2. You can’t rely on your followers on social media to be the source of your business growth. You cannot even engage with them unless you are posting something, so you can never really have their attention span for very long, let alone build trust. Your followers belong to the social media channel you are on, not you.

But you control your email list! And that list is yours FOREVER! It doesn’t matter if Facebook disappears tomorrow, you will still have your highly engaged subscribers ready to hear from you and about your next awesome product or service.

No, there isn’t a “magic secret formula” that you can find that will just allow you to develop an engaged list in the next day or two. But spiking your email list (as we like to say) is possible and is not as difficult as you think. Anyone can do it if they are committed and set the goal.

Stop struggling to grow your email list and copy our framework. We will show you what we do to grow our email list with engaged subscribers.

Trust us when we say we tried every tactic we could get our hands on when we started growing our lists.

We learned a lot, and we are still learning.

When we finally figured out what works, why, and how to actually make it work with the least amount of effort, we knew our businesses and sites would be profitable.

In fact, when you have an email list of highly engaged subscribers who were acquired the right way, who are the audience that aligns with your niche, and who trust you and your brand, then you have a loyal group of fans that will buy anything you create.

If you follow the right framework for growing your list, you only have to do it once. You can go months between implementing strategies because your list belongs to you and your subscribers are always eager to open your emails and visit your site.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

🎥14 Lessons

▶An Intro to ListSpiking
▶Growing Your Email List
▶The Art of Landing Pages
▶The Power of Thank You Pages
▶Zero List Starter
▶Intro to Content Upgrades
▶Concept of A Resource Page
▶Effectiveness of Lead Magnets
▶Nothing Beats A Great Giveaway
▶Leveraging Pinterest
▶Taking Advantage of Social Media
▶Guest Posting
▶Readying Your Own Website
▶Effective Use of Tools

“So Many Great Strategies”

I got the Email List Spike for Bloggers when I had no one but friends and family on my email list (like 30 people) and no sales. In two months I grew my list to over 1200 subscribers and my last launch of an ebook netted me $3,200 in sales.

I am so grateful because I was scattered trying one thing here and there and wasting weeks with no results. To have all the strategies that were already proven and exactly how to implement them was a huge relief. I know I have even more growth ahead!

Laura H.

Email List Spike For Bloggers

Learn how to grow your email list in the next 90 days without the struggle and chaos many people face! This course includes effective strategies and techniques to help you grow your email list and make more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I know nothing about list-building?

We created this course for both beginners who have no email list and those who’ve been blogging a while and know all the lingo.

What if I don’t have a website yet?

You can start an email list without your own website. Sure we highly encourage you to get a blog going asap, but in the meantime, we show you exactly what you can use to start your list growth without a site.

What if I have a site up and already have a small list?

This course is perfect for you. Definitely, if your list growth has slowed or you feel you could be doing better. When you have a targeted and engaged email list, your earning potential grows month after month.

Do I need to buy anything else after I get the course?

Not really. But we do discuss tools and resources that offer premium (for a fee) options, but you can get away using free tools and free trials. But remember you are running a business, and we recommended making investments within your budget for the right tools to grow your business.

Is there a time limit for the course?

There is no time limit. Take as long as you want. Watch the lessons over and over. You have access for life to the course, course updates, and any new lessons we add as we learn new strategies.

Do you offer refunds if I think the course sucks?

Nope. Sorry, we don’t do refunds. We don’t offer money-back guarantees to encourage you to have a “risk-free” purchase and hope you don’t ask for your money back. We stand by our strategies and know they work. You need to be serious about putting in the effort to build your online business. The strategies we teach are easy but they take time. If you are not ready to get to work, don’t buy our course.

What format is the course delivered in?

It’s a video course hosted on our site that requires you to log in to watch the lessons. The course might also include downloadable PDFs, cheat sheets, checklists and written content.

Is my credit card secure?

Absolutely. We partner with Stripe to handle billing and provide secure socket layer, 256-bit encryption. Your card details are secure and safe.

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